National Hearing Protection Month

Without a doubt, construction and manufacturing are two of the loudest industries in the country. But studies evaluating the hearing abilities of workers in these trades are showing that noisy jobs are coming at a cost.   In a 10-year study conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (C.D.C.), researchers found that workers in the… (keep reading)

Injuries From Falling Objects: Protecting Workers and Pedestrians

New Yorkers have become conditioned to the sight of high-rise construction projects at every turn. It’s common to walk under scaffolding and to see workers scaling beams on your daily commute. But when objects fall from construction projects suspended in the air, civilians and workers on the streets below are put at serious risk.  Accidents… (keep reading)

Beware of the “Fatal Four” Accidents In Construction

Worksites across New York City have experienced a steady and tragic uptick in fatal construction accidents this year. In April, three construction workers died in a seven-day span only a few weeks into the Spring building season. Three additional construction fatalities followed between the months of May and August.   According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (O.S.H.A.), 971 fatal… (keep reading)

Dead Man Walking: Why You Shouldn’t Text and Walk

Cellphones and headphones are becoming a deadly threat to the safety of New York City pedestrians. Between texting, live-streaming, listening to music, or scrolling through social media, pedestrians have hundreds of distractions at their fingertips.  Fatal pedestrian accidents in the United States are higher than they’ve been in nearly three decades. The Governors Highway Safety Association reported… (keep reading)

Construction Workers Are At Increased Risks For T.B.I.

Traumatic Brain Injury (T.B.I.) is one of the leading causes of death in the construction industry. According to a study by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (N.I.O.S.H.), 2,210 construction workers died from a T.B.I. between 2003 to 2010. These fatalities represented 24 percent of all occupational T.B.I. fatalities, and 25 percent of all… (keep reading)

NYC Crane Accidents

Cranes are an essential but deadly aspect of the construction and manufacturing industries. These massive tools lift items weighing thousands of tons and can cause catastrophic accidents when something goes wrong.  In New York City, cranes are often perched on top of high-rises, looming hundreds of stories over workers and civilians below. A piece of… (keep reading)

Why We Celebrate Labor Day

Labor Day is more than just barbecues, parades, and pool parties. Aside from marking the unofficial end of summer, Labor Day is an annual celebration of American laborers and their countless achievements throughout the past few centuries. Without these hardworking individuals who helped build and shape our nation, New York City would be nothing like… (keep reading)

New NY Boating Law: What Operators Need To Know To Prevent Accidents

Governor Andrew Cuomo passed a new boating law this week that is looking to keep New Yorkers safer on the water. According to the Daily News, the legislation known as Brianna’s Law aims to place stricter training regulations on motor boat operators to reduce boating accidents caused by reckless driving. The law was named after… (keep reading)

NYC Twins Die In Hot Car: This Is Why It Keeps Happening

A family in the Bronx experienced a horrific tragedy this weekend when their one-year-old twins died after being left in a hot car. According to The New York Times, the twins were forgotten in their father’s vehicle on Friday morning after he mistakenly thought he had dropped them off at daycare. When the children were… (keep reading)

Are You Prepared For the Next NYC Power Outage?

Con Edison workers are frantically trying to correct the electrical issue that led to the Manhattan Blackout on Saturday ahead of this weekend’s heatwave. According to Insurance Journal, the five hour blackout sparked mass chaos throughout the city, leaving nearly 73,000 people in the dark. The lack of preparation and dangerous conditions New Yorkers experienced… (keep reading)

NYC Bicycle Fatalities Are On The Rise

Another New York City cyclist was killed this week after being hit by a cement truck in Brooklyn. According to News12, the 28-year-old cyclist was traveling down Bushwick Avenue and Boerum Street. A video shows the cyclist attempted to swerve away from the cement truck but was unable to avoid the fatal crash. This recent… (keep reading)

Parents: Say ‘No’ To Underage Drinking

It’s graduation season and summer weekends will be jam-packed with celebrations to honor high school grads. As parents begin to plan for graduation parties, chances are they are purchasing alcohol for the event. While some parents will label coolers containing alcohol ‘adults only,’ other parties might allow everyone to consume alcohol, including underage grads- big… (keep reading)