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Midtown bus accident leaves two with serious injuries

Busses are everywhere in New York. While these vehicles provide a great service to our city, they also pose a real danger. The sheer size of busses allows them to cause catastrophic damage to not only property, but also people. Whether an individual is in a car, on a bike or on foot, they can quickly be blind-sided by a bus and be left with serious injuries.

One of these accidents recently occurred in Midtown, leaving two women severely hurt. The accident happened when the two victims attempted to cross West 47th Street at 10th Avenue, but were struck by the bus. One victim, a 62-year-old woman, was taken to the hospital with a mangled leg. Doctors were unsure at the time if her leg could be saved. The other woman was also taken to the hospital.

As seen by this instance, bus accidents can seriously harm individuals. Victims may be left with not only physical pain, but also emotional and financial losses. A victim may be scared to be near buses again, and he or she can incur significant medical bills. If the injuries prevent an individual from working, then he or she might also lose wages important to his or her financial well-being.

In many cases, the best way to recover these losses is to file a personal injury lawsuit. However, getting to the bottom of an accident can be complicated. A defendant may claim he or she had a green traffic signal when the accident occurred or that he or she was otherwise not negligent. By acquiring the assistance of an attorney, an accident victim can rest assured that the best possible arguments in his or her favor will be presented, rebutting the defendant’s claims, and giving the victim the best chance at success. Hopefully such actions will allow the victim to recover his or her losses while punishing bus drivers who fail to take safety seriously.